UKZN InQubate’s Technology Transfer process has been designed with a focus on commercialisation of UKZN’s IP. Patenting may or may not be a part of the strategy that is adopted. Please contact the TT team to discuss the process.

Meet with TT Team to discuss disclosure


Disclosure Review (6 Weeks)


      For novelty and inventiveness of IP

 For Commercial Potential 



If positive :

Apply for project funding

Project funding acquired – set up monthly project management meetings with TT team for 1 year 



Inventor sign IP1 agreement & submit market brief 

Negotiations with potential licensees (letters of interest from industry)

Preparation of draft patents specification (min. 2 months)





 file a provisional patent

application (Caveat re publishing;

Patent filing; & upcoming filings) –

“Month 0″(Priority Date)


File a PCT application, RSA

complete application, or 

convention applications(months 12)


National Phase Application( Month 30) –

if no industry interest,

discontinue process