The ENSPIRE philosophy is to create an enabling environment based on systems thinking to ignite, build and develop student entrepreneurs. It has been formed in response to the increasing economic pressures in South Africa, and underpins the drive to boost job creation and economic prosperity in the country.

International trends show student entrepreneurship at universities as one of the key means to stimulating economic activity and enhancing job creation. Our philosophy is to leverage the significant strengths of the university and adapt to the needs of the economy and society by developing entrepreneurial skills.


Our approach is mindful of the unbridled potential and talent which exists within the UKZN student community. We take pride in developing our support structures, policies and processes to ensure that we are clinically developing the best model to foster and convert the budding entrepreneurs of today into the future business leaders of tomorrow. Within our ecosystem, we promote radical disruption, creativity and innovation supported by experts across the university and from our local and international partners.