The ENSPIRE brand is aligned with the University of KwaZulu Natal’s purpose of Inspiring Greatness. The brand, which stands for Entrepreneurship Skills Programme, is not only a homophone of the word INSPIRE and aligned with the meaning – but itself has a profound message to UKZN student entrepreneurs.


The word ENSPIRE is derived from the Latin inspirarewhich means to ‘breathe or blow into’, in the sense to ‘impart a truth or idea to someone’. The colours in the ENSPIRE logo are derived from the UKZN colours and represent the vibrance and dynamism associated with the youth and entrepreneurship.


The logo is also represented as different components coming together harmoniously, as happens in successful entrepreneurial endeavours. The dots bursting outward from the word ENSPIRE represent the businesses that will germinate at UKZN and take their place among the entrepreneurial leaders in society, forming a robust and resilient entrepreneurship ecosystem which is represented by the sphere, illustrated by the shadow created by the logo.