Starting a new Business?
If you have an innovative, technology-based business idea and are planning to establish and run your own company, InQubate can guide you, or even assist you with identifying relevant sources of both financial and technical support.
These supports will help accelerate your business development and equip you with the skills, expertise and contacts to successfully start and grow your company. 

Spin-Off Campanies currently Incubated by UKZN-IQ

Currently, there are four active spin-off companies under UKZN-IQ:
  • Active Ageing at Home (Pty) Ltd
The company provides home based exercise and care in a bid to reduce hospitalization need for geriatrics.
  • Student Services Development Company (Pty) Ltd
The company was established to oversee the administration of the student services centre (previously known as Block C and D at Westville Campus).
  • QZN Technology (Pty) Ltd.
QZN is involved in quantum cryptography.
  • Fermtech (Pty) Ltd.
The company is in the BioTech Industry and manufactures insulin-like human growth hormones.
UKZN InQubate has service level agreements with these spin-off companies for administrative support and financial management.